Today we are KICKING OFF our mother’s day week sharing a few spring cleaning tips for you from the 30-day clean home challenge we took with The Laundress!  Let’s face it winter was entirely too long and now that the tulips are up and the grass is green we are ready to get our cleaning on! We’re sharing wonderful tips on how to get your spring clean on with The Laundress Company. Plus they are giving 20% off to you, Mom’s Best Readers! After using these products for over 20+ days we can not say enough!  Stain be gone, fresh smelling house, and the harsh chemicals no longer exist!  These are an absolute must have product for your spring cleaning, and home! Don’t miss our special discount code just for you, see below and Happy Spring Cleaning! xo

So I mean, seriously how stylish are the cleaning products! But we’re not just talking style, these babes also walk the walk.  They smell so light and fresh and every product leaves such a clean fresh smell during and after cleaning.  24 hours later the house still smells clean!

The all purpose cleaning concentrate is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, baseboards, your tile floor and more! If you have a sensitive nose, or aren’t fond of that harsh chemical smell from those store bought products? This is perfect!
We loved how this all purpose cleaning solution worked wonders in our bathroom! This one product does it all! Streak free on chrome faucets, and worked wonders on our marble tile bathroom floor! Just mix in in the sink (or cleaning bucket) with a couple drops (as directed) and this will clean your entire bathroom! A little bit goes a really long way!  One stop shopping with this product!


Who’s guilty of having the grossest dish towels? We are! We used these products + tips to get these towels looking new! See those nasty brown food stains? Yuck! Here is what we used to get those stains out….
The stain solution mixed with hot water + brush in the solution works wonders! These towels had some serious nasty stains. They soaked in the stain solution + hot water for 10 minutes and voila, stains were gone!
Then last we ran the towels through the hot washer with the bleach alternative solution! The whitest these towels have been since they were brought home!


4 Reasons we love the Laundress Products:

1-Each laundry, fabric-care and home-cleaning product is custom designed for a specific fabric or surface, pairing the most effective ingredients with our favorite scents.

2-Non-toxic & biodegradable.

3-The ingredients are plant derived and free of Allergens, SLS, Petroleum, Phthalates, Phosphates, Parabens and Chlorine Bleach.

4-They work and are safe for our families! 🙂


We want to invite you to take the 30-Day Clean Home Challenge and Say Goodbye to Toxins!

First- you can start by ordering the Laundress cleaning supplies at 20% off  when you buy 3 or more nontoxic, eco-friendly solutions WITH COUPON CODE:  MBN20 or

Pick up the Exclusive Spring Cleaning Bundle — a $120 value for $80 !

–Limited Quantities Available

Second- Stains gone? Let us know! Rooms transformed from meh to magnificent? Share before and after photos! Or just swap stories with fellow detoxers. Challenge your friends and tag #thelaundress #TL30dayclean @thelaundress


Third- If you are not quite ready to commit to the challenge? That’s ok.  Sign up for The Laundress newsletter for more tips + other product giveaways!  Click here for all those details….


LAST- ENTER TO WIN One of these Exclusive SPRING CLEANING BUNDLES from The Laundress as we kick off our Week Of Mother’s Day Giveaways Just FOR YOU…head to our intagram feed for all the details on how to enter!   We will PICK 2 WINNERS! YAY!




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