We are delighted to announce some very big news today!  Our very own event style editor, Chelsey Mass is expecting her first baby!  We are so over the moon excited for her!

Today she’s sharing a peek at the fun announcement she used to break the news to her family and friends.  Here’s some tips + details…she said, “We are so excited, this  is our first, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After seeing that tiny little babe on the screen and hearing that heart beat, we knew our hearts would never be the same, who knew seeing something that small would change our lives so much. But beside all the mushy gushy feeling stuff, we knew we wanted to announce this in a fun way! So we pulled out our camera, tripod, + remote, and picked up a couple baby things and off we went! ”






Tip 1: Buy a tripod + camera remote, this is the BEST $30 investment ever, this combo will lead to endless portraits!

Tip 2: Take photos at sunset, near or exactly. With the warm summer month coming up yes, this mean photos not till 8:00 PM, but what else would you be doing at 8:00 PM anyways?

Tip 3: Drive out to the countryside, side of the road, middle of no where, it doesn’t matter. Look for a good landscape! We happen to have a sister with a beautiful home + acre, so we hopped in the truck, and photographed this in her driveway!

Tip 4: Add props, seriously don’t think it’s too cheesy. Odds are if its cheesy, than it will photograph better! For these we picked up a few mini baby items + orderd a banner that said baby!

Tip 5: Invest in a good camera, these are the products I happen to love. These are my go to items. It may seem like an investment but seriously if you are having a baby or have kiddos, you need a good camera that takes good quality photos!





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