DIY Glitter jump ropes, the perfect summer craft to do with your kids + double the fun! Today we have Diane from Hunny and Plum sharing how to create these fun jump ropes!  Absolutely perfect for creating with your kids + you will get them outside to drain some of that endless energy!  You can create your own designs as the possibilities are endless! So get outside and enjoy some of that nice weather we’re having. Happy DIY jump rope making!

What you’ll need:
7/8″ x 48″ dowel rod cut into 6″ lengths (your local hardware store can do this for you)
1 package of 3/16″ clothesline
drill with a 5/16″ bit
sanding block
strong glue (e6000 recommended)
masking tape
thin knitting needle or chopstick
sealer (this one is perfect for this type of project)
paint/ brushes





1. First, sand any rough edges of the dowel rod where it has been cut using the sanding block, and mark the center of each end for drilling.

2. Drill carefully through the center of the dowel on each side until they meet in the middle and you can see the center clearly.  The chopstick comes in handy to help clear out any debris.

3. Now for the fun part- decorating!  For glittering, first tape off your design and apply a thin coat of sealer.  Cover in glitter and tap off any excess.  Set aside to dry (about 1 hour).

4. Once the first layer is dry, apply a second coat of sealer to keep the glitter intact.  Again, set aside to dry.

5. Finish off your design with paint- be creative!

6. Use a little piece of masking tape to wrap around the end of the clothesline before you cut it to keep it from fraying.  Cut your desired length of rope, making sure to leave a little extra at the ends.

7. Thread one end through one of the dowel rods and tie a couple knots in the end (the knitting needle or chopstick can help push it through), then pull it back through until it’s taut.  If it comes out, you need a thicker knot.  Apply strong glue to the base.

8. Repeat this process with the other dowel.

9. Put on your sneakers and see what kind of moves you can come up with!  Criss-cross? One foot? The “Rocky”? Go for it!

The supply list can be a little intimidating, but you can always use one of the dowel rods as practice.  This one project will make 3-4 jump ropes, so throw a neighborhood party and have the kids decorate their own!  They also make great party favors and are a great way to get outside!  And glitter.  Could it be any better?

Make sure you check out Diane’s darling etsy shop Hunny and Plum and follow her day to day on instagram here.

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