It’s no secret we are huge fans of  the Micro Kickboard scooter line!  From baby to kids + mom and dad, they are fun for the whole family.  Their quality and style is hands down the best around and we are so delighted to be able to have this amazing brand be a part of our spring 2015 HOT PRODUCT reviews…loved by us + our brand ambassadors as well as many moms from around the world, we are happy to report they passed our strict criteria and have been awarded our prestigious HOT PRODUCT award! Nominated and chosen by moms!  Today we are sharing the fun we have all been having with the mini and maxi micro scooters + their awesome balance G-bike!

FinMircoM4 FinMircom3FinMircom5

This cute little batman is Fin riding his new mini micro kickboard scooter! His mom Makel Gardner (owner of Finomenon Kids and one of our brand ambassadors) loves it too, here is what she had to say about it. “Let’s talk about how awesome this brand is, Micro Kickboard, I can’t stress enough how much we love it. I looked at a few different scooter brands that had the three wheels for smaller kids. This one was my favorite for a few reasons. 1. So easy to put together. Actually Fin put it together. Simply put the bar into the base, done and done. 2. The handle bars don’t turn, you steer by leaning. Fin tried riding a friend’s scooter which you turn from the handle bars, and let’s just say he does not understand this steering concept yet. He’s caught onto the leaning thing quicker than I thought too, genius. 3. Sleek, simple design. This scooter will last us a long time.”

Makel mentions that she loved that you steer by leaning… this is what makes the Mini unique and fun is that lean-to-steer design; children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn, while developing balance and coordination used in many sports. scooter-3 scooter-4scooter-2 scooter-1

This little beauty is 3 year old ZOE…her darling mama Richelle Cote from @rcote_bandteesandlullabies is another one of our brand ambassadors, here is what she had to say about their first experience with a mini micro kickboard scooter,  “Watching my daughter jump on her mini micro kickboard scooter and actually ride it around the back yard for the first time was pretty amazing!  She was able to steer it easily which made her proud of this accomplishment from the very beginning.  I have found that the easier a scooter or bike is to ride the more confident my daughter gets which means she will ride it more and practice her riding skills for a longer period of time. She has really enjoyed riding her “big girl” scooter and I thank you guys for that!!! Xoxo ”


This  is Benson, a handsome little fella riding his micro maxi kickboard scooter!  The smooth gliding Maxi for ages 5-12 has a curving and carving action that allows kids to surf the sidewalk like a skateboard, with the handlebar providing greater control and maneuverability. Kids use their body weight and handlebar to lean into a turn, resulting in smooth, safe turns.  His darling mama Merrick White from the popular fashion blog MerricksART, a mom’s best brand ambassador, was super excited to have this scooter arrive just in time for his 5th birthday! That grin says it all!


This handsome boys mama is Jen Moyer founder of darling children’s apparel line Taylor Joelle Designs, they had the opportunity to review the micro-maxi kickboard scooter with the optional JOYSTICK steering, designed for even more curving and carving.  Jen says, “My kids loooove this scooter. It’s a lean and steer scooter! They told me it feels like a skateboard! “

colson-bike-2 ColsonBike

This little dude loves his balance G-bike so much! His gorgeous mama Nicole Neves from @mysequinlife (a mom’s best brand ambassador) says, “I love how lightweight the bike is and how easy it was for my toddler to use the bike and feel like a big boy.”

pscooter-10 pscooter13pscooter11

Little P has been a micro kickboard fan since she was 2!  Now almost 4 she still loves her mini micro scooter  riding it often,  but now she has another fun option, and this one is prepping her for riding a big kid bike, she adores her new balance G-bike!  We love that it allows toddlers to bypass training wheels, teaching them balance from the start!  Her mama Tana Hallows, founder of mom’s best…says, “P loves the independence of riding her balance bike + feeling like she’s a big girl!  She is very fearless, and can get going very fast! It’s a good thing she knows how to put on the brakes with her feet :)! ”

Thanks Micro Kickboard for creating such amazing and fun products for families to use and love! Stay tuned everyone we have a mega HOT PRODUCTS giveaway launching this week, featuring prizes from our Spring 2015 HOT PRODUCT winners…you will not want to miss it!!  Happy MONDAY! xoxo  The mom’s best team

pscooter8 pscooter-9 pscooter-5

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