Looking for a fun summer project to do with your little kids? We absolutely love this DIY sun catcher created by Diane from Hunny & Plum. We love how hands on this product gets!  Grab some crayons and a couple other items and this project is perfect to do outside!  Here’s a little tip that Diane shares to make this sun catcher even more fun “Have your little ones try combining different colors and see what happens when they melt together!  Use your favorite colors or try some new ones.  This would also be a fun group activity and are a great teaching tool for color mixing too.  Plus, you probably already have most of these supplies on hand!”



What you’ll need:

wax paper
handheld pencil sharpener
press cloth
5″ embroidery hoop
string/ thread (any color)
decorative tape



1. Plug in your iron and make sure it is on a medium setting with no steam.  Let it heat up while you do the other steps.

2. Cut a long piece of wax paper and fold it in half lengthwise, then unfold.

3. Using the handheld pencil sharpener, scatter different color crayon shavings over one length of the wax paper.  If they are big pieces, use your fingers to break them up (smaller bits melt better).

4. Fold the other length of wax paper on top of the shavings.

5. Put the press cloth over the paper and gently iron over the crayons to melt them, checking after every 2-3 passes to make sure it’s melting the way you want. The longer you leave the iron on them, the more the colors will blend together.

6. Let cool and then cut out the shapes you want.  Punch a hole in the top of each one.

7. Tie a piece of string onto the inside of the embroidery hoop as a hanger.

8. Then, cut lengths of thread and loop through the hole on each crayon piece and tie at differing lengths around the embroidery hoop.

9. (optional) wrap decorative tape around the hoop to secure and cover the thread ends.

10. Hang in a sunny window or on a patio and watch how the sun glistens through it!

(NOTE: do not hang in extreme conditions or where it will get wet, otherwise the wax paper will start to come apart)





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