Congratulations to Sarah Sutton and Ashlee V. the 2 lucky Winners of our #hotproductwinnersgiveaway!  We are so excited for each of you to win over $1500 each in awesome prizes from our Spring HOT PRODUCTS winners!  ALL nominated and loved by moms!  We are delighted to have the opportunity to share with these 2 winners some of the hottest brands for mama, baby, and child! And guess what? We are already getting ready for our summer HOT PRODUCT submissions!

Did you hear we have extended the giveaway to today monday 5/25! TODAY is the LAST DAY to ENTER!!

Did you happen to see our amazing SPRING 2015 mom’s best HOT PRODUCT Winners? If not be sure to check them out here, we will be sharing more about these amazing brands/products all week!  TODAY we’re excited to present this HOT PRODUCT Winner’s ultimate mama giveaway!  2 LUCKY mamas will EACH win this amazing prize package worth over $1500 each!!  We also have several exclusive COUPON CODES from several of these shops you won’t get any where else!  Check out the coupon codes below they all END 5/25… then go ahead and enter the awesome giveaway below!

Click each picture to be directed to the brand ready to shop  but first get an exclusive coupon code below!

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1-Land of Nod- 2 winners- each wins a $100 SHOP Credit   + get 15% OFF with discount code SAVE15 ENDS 5/25

2-ReSqueeze- each winner will win a 4-pack

3-Fun Bites- 2 items for each winner winner’s choice

4-Holster Brands- 2 winners win a set of 3 holsters – 20%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20) ENDS 5/25

5- Tea Collection- 2 $100 shop credits ONE PER WINNER20% OFF + free SHIPPING with code WEGOTHERE   ENDS 5/25


6- Solly Baby – 2 winners- 1 wrap per winner

7-Squeasy Gear- 2 winners- set of 2 for each winner – 25%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP25)  ENDS 5/25

8-Sweedie Kids – 2 winners- $30 gift card (shop credit) –15%off dicount code (MOMSBESTHP15) ENDS 5/25

9-Spuni- 2 winners- 1 set of spoons per winner – 15%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP15)  ENDS 5/25

10-Oogaa- 2 winners- 1 place setting + silcone mat per winner

11-Buglet- 2 winners- set of 2 wristbands per winner – 20% off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20)  ENDS 5/25

12-Burp Necessity- 2 winners- 1 burp cloth per winner –15%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP15)  ENDS 5/25

13- Saranoni blankets- 2 $100 shop credit one for each winner!

14-BB blocks- 2 winners 1 set of blocks per winner –10%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP10)  ENDS 5/25

15-Baby Jives- 1 winner- a mobile or bow clip holder Winners Choice – 15% discount code (MOMSBESTHP15)  ENDS 5/25

16-Whimsy Tails– 2 whimsy tails 1 per each winner – 15% off discount code (MOMSBESTHP15)  ENDS 5/25

17-Bannor Toys – 2 $50 gift card (shop credit) – 10%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP10)  ENDS 5/25

18-Kate and James- 2 $50 gift card (shop credit) – 20%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20)  ENDS 5/25

19-Paxley Shop – 2 winners- 1  pair of sunglasses per winner – 20%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20)  ENDS 5/25

20-Pitchoun Designs – 2 winners – $50 gift card (shop credit)- 15%off discount code (MOMSBESTHP15)  ENDS 5/25

21-Nuna USA- 2 winners-  Win a nuna pepp stroller per winner

22-Sonnet James- 2 winners – 1 winner per dress + EXCLUSIVE Discount code for 15% OFF SJGIVEAWAY15  ENDS 5/25

23-Covered Goods- 2 winners- 1 cover per winner – 20% off AZTEC pattern only (MOMSBESTHP20)   ENDS 5/25

24-Chewable Charm- 2 winners $50 gift card – 20% off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20  ENDS 5/25

25-George Hats- 2 winners 1 hat per winner  – 20% off discount code (MOMSBESTHP20)  ENDS 5/25

26-Micro Kickboard – 2 Winners pick a mini or maxi scooter or balance G-BIKE





1-COMPLETE LOOP ENTRY VIA INSTAGRAM here by following each of the 20 bloggers/shops participating in the LOOP…

2- then COMPLETE the entry widget below



HOT PRODUCT Winners Ultimate Mama Giveaway

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