Happy Memorial Day friends! We hope you are enjoying this holiday with family remembering and honoring those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom! Hi I’m Brook here from @bitsofbb and today we are sharing these yummy fruit pies

“My little ones spend a ton of time in the kitchen with me and their favorite thing to make is something sweet, it’s kind of tough though when you are living a “clean” lifestyle.. So I set out to find something that was mom-approved, husband-approved, and kid-approved (including the little neighbor friends) but still true to our healthier lifestyle + allergy sensitive! It wasn’t too long before these Fruit Pies were born! With grain free, refined sugar free, and dairy free options you can’t go wrong!”

We hope you enjoy making these yummy,  clean + guilt-free fruit pies today or any day you want a little something extra special!  Happy Memorial day!  Today is the last day to enter our #hotproductwinnersgiveaway so make sure you enter!!


Fruit Pies

Makes 4 tart sized pies (4 x .75 in) or one 9in round pie dish.


12 medjool dates, pits removed

1/3 C of Almond butter (any nut butter works)
1 tsp of vanilla
A generous pinch of salt
1/2 C of nuts (we like pecans or cashews for this recipe)
1/3 C of flaxseed meal
4 TBS of small seeds (we like Chia, hemp, and buckwheat groats.. You can do whatever you like!)
1 3/4 C of plain Greek yogurt (or the same amount of whipped coconut cream for dairy free!)
1 TBS of honey
Fruit toppings!


For the crust:

In a blender or food processor blend the dates, almond butter, vanilla, salt, and nuts. Blend until you reach a smooth(ish) and sticky consistency. You will probably need to stop and scrape down the sides now and then. Add up to 2 TBS of water if necessary.
Transfer out of processor and into a medium bowl. Add the flaxseed meal and seeds, mixing well with your hands (let your kids do this part!!) until combined. You should get a ball of dough that no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it.

Press the dough into your tart tins or pie plate (also a good job for the little ones). Place in the freezer for 2-3 hours so they set and hold their shape.

For the filling:

Our daughter is lactose intolerant but can handle Greek yogurt from time to time. So we like to mix the yogurt with the honey and fill top the little pies with that!
For a Paleo friendly option you can do whipped coconut cream- remove the “cream” from two cans of full fat coconut milk. This is best achieved by setting your coconut milk cans in the fridge overnight. Scoop the coconut cream into a chilled bowl and whip the cream with a hand or standup mixer. Add a tsp of vanilla if desired. Place on top of your crust.
Last, you will top your pies with your fruit of choice! This is usually the kids favorite part!
Store in the fridge or freezer for a few days.




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