Looking for healthy summer snacks for the kiddos, and okay, maybe yourself too?!  These yummy all-natural frozen yogurt fruit cups are healthy & fun for summer. Summer is all about treats to cool off! Ditch the sugar-filled popsicles or ice cream and enjoy this simple and delicious fun treat instead. Keeping your goal of eating healthy with these yummy all-natural treats!


2 oranges
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup plain yogurt (or coconut cream if you’re dairy-free)
1 cup berries of choice
IMG_9806 IMG_9805


1. Cut the oranges in half and scoop the insides out into a blender jar, saving the half peels to pour the yogurt mixture into.

2. Blend orange insides with other ingredients until smooth.

3. Pour yogurt mixture into orange peels. Place in the freezer until frozen and cold. I like to use a muffin tin to keep them from tipping.

4. Enjoy!


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