Are you ready to kick off summer? This entire week we are feeling the summer heat waves and we’re getting ready to kick it off! Did you happen to catch Tana & her sweet little ones darling summer suits? Seriously nothing says summer like tan lines + darling swimwear! But when those days are just REALLY hot, maybe it would be best to stay inside and cool down a bit…that’s why this octopus summer soiree party is perfect for the little ones.  It would also be perfect for an evening party as the sun goes down…string up that octopus from the patio eaves or a lower hanging tree branch.  I mean seriously that octopus chandelier by Chandelier NK completed this party!  Bright colors, cool snacks, have a day inside with the babe and keep them entertained with this fun colorful party!








Even our octopus  decided to join the party.. party hat and all!!!

p.s. you can reuse that darling chandelier for the kiddos room or playroom when you’re done!

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