Looking for a fun craft activity to do with or for your kids? Look no further, these DIY dip-dyed key rings would be a fun project to do inside or outside this summer.  Perfect for organizing your keys, or as a zipper pull for their school book bag/backpack.  They also make a great gift to give someone…

Kicking off our Mom’s Best Summer camp series with fun activities and crafts to do with your kids.  So why not grab some simple craft supplies and get out and craft this summer!

Also stay tuned as we will share another LARGE animal version of these for a nursery or  kids space! The perfect accessory to any room!

DIY animal key fob

Plastic Animals
Acrylic Paint
Gold Paint or
Tooth Picks
Small Screw Eyelet Hook


Here’s a little step by step + photo


1. Paint small plastics animals with gold spray paint or use a metallic gold pain pen-let dry.

2. Pour acrylic paint into small container, mix a little water to make thinner, then dip at an angle…

3. There will be a lot of paint on the paint portion of the animal, tap their “feet” down on paper to remove access paint


Let these babies dry!


Now add small screw eyelet hook. Hint: You can pick one of these up in the picture angle isle. Screw into plastic animal.


Now enjoy! Organizing can be so much fun, put these on your kids bags for school, or simply just place on a key ring for assorted different keys.


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