Need a last minute party favor for your holiday barbecue and fireworks?  This one is perfectly easy and will cost you practically nothing + it’s super cute!.  A win-win-win!  Another kids craft to add to our mom’s best summer camp series.  Today we are going for a Fourth of July theme with red, white, and blue, but you can always switch the colors up for any occasion!  It’s a great activity for kids that isn’t messy or difficult and will have your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing while enjoying the fireworks this weekend.

Happy 4th of JULY week!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!


What you’ll need:

tissue paper in four colors
glow sticks
tape (decorative or plain)



1. Layer four single sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and fold over lengthwise

2. Find the middle of the long rectangle and cut in half.

3. Using your scissors, cut up into the bottom of the tissue paper at approximate 1/4″ intervals (measure with the ruler if desired), making sure to cut through all the layers.  Leave a 1″ uncut space at the top fold.

4. Flip the cut piece so that the fold is facing toward you and tape the edge of the tissue paper to the top of one of the glow sticks.

5. Begin to roll the tissue paper onto the glow stick, keeping it evenly toward the top, until you reach the end of the paper.

6. Secure the end using tape, sticking it to both the paper and the glow stick.

7. When you are ready to use it, make it glow and shake to celebrate!


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