In just a few short months we will be bringing home a sweet baby girl! So prepping for the nursery is in FULL swing around here!  The final nursery reveal will be shared exclusively here on Mom’s Best in a few short weeks!  So today is the first DIY project…I’m sharing these fun EASY, and trust me they are EASY, DIY drawer liners!  I did this project with 3 supplies, and it’s all under $15!  Super easy inexpensive DIY that makes opening drawers SO much fun!



Gift Wrap
Double Stick Tape


For these liners I hopped on over to Spoonflower, found this super cute design and ordered a roll of custom gift wrap.   This is a website where creative people upload their designs and you can buy them. You can have the designs printed on wallpaper, gift wrap, fabric, and a few other options! If your brave enough you can also create your own design, upload it and have it printed. Alright enough about that, if you’re looking for this fun goat pattern you can find it here.


1st…measure your drawers, this is important. Once you measure, you can trim the wrapping paper to the proper size. For this project I had 4 (17″x 25″) drawers, so I just needed one roll of gift wrap.



Before I get ready to tape the edges down, I just place the gift wrap in the drawer to make sure it fits, if it’s a little snug, trim the extra off.


For this project I  used double-sided sticky tape. Since the gift wrap was mostly flat, it laid in the drawers really well. However just to make sure the gift wrap is going to stay put I secure it with the double-sided tape.


Repeat until the drawers are lined. This project only took me an hour from start to finish. I recommend measuring drawers before hand to make sure you order enough gift wrap! Happy drawer lining!




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