We are so excited to launch our new series via instagram called #momsbestmoments!  We plan to feature everyday mamas from around the world who inspire us…mamas who are doing amazing things while raising their lovely families! Some of them are even juggling a business + motherhood, and this includes all of you!  We want to feature and promote you! So make sure you are following us on instagram as we celebrate and share your #momsbestmoments!

Today’s inspiring mama is Sonali Hindmarch, She was inspired to open up a children’s online shop part time on the side after her little one Theo turned one!   Little Goldie  is her darling shop that focuses on books, toys, decor and more!  Make sure you check it out and give her some love! Keep up the great work mama!  We are inspired by all that you are doing!

We love this sweet moment with Sonali and Theo! Make sure you read below how motherhood has changed her perspective on LOVE…as well as how she is following her dreams while raising her little family!


We wanted to get to know the talented mama behind it all so we asked Sonali a few questions to share more about her self and here’s what she had to say:

What do you love about motherhood?
There’s something about being a mother that sort of changes you a little. When my first was born, I looked at him and thought: “Oh yes, it’s you! Of course it is!” Like we’d known each other forever. From then on, everything made me cry more or feel more. Why do mamas feel that way? I know I’m not the only one. Is it because someone is totally dependent on us for the first time? I think that capacity to just love more is the best thing about motherhood. To have a fuller heart. Sorry if that’s a bit cheesy!

-What inspires your shop, Littlegoldie.com?

I opened my store when Theo, was around one. I couldn’t make my old job (as a journalist) fit around the hours I wanted to work and, though I’d enjoyed my career, I was ready to try something totally new.
Around the same time, I was inspired by women I’d met who had changed their careers and took a risk with something new. I had fallen in love with the world of children’s toys and decor, so I thought: what if I opened a shop selling all of the things that I love? Would that work?!  I gave it a go!  My house is bursting at the seams with stock now, which is so exciting! I love discovering all the talented makers out there… people are just so impressive!  My new job is definitely hard work, but I love running something that’s mine – and the freedom to spend the afternoon in the park with my toddler, splashing in the paddling pool, is just wonderful.


-How do you handle raising a family and running a business?

Finding the right balance is actually really tough. I don’t think I have it yet. I work from home, so there’s no separation between work-life and home-life. And there’s always a bit more work to do. At the same time, there’s that little guilty voice saying “Your baby will be a teenager before you know it. Pay attention! Put your phone away!” I think I can be pretty hard on myself, but then I know I’m not alone in that. I’m actually making a really big effort to not look at my phone or computer during family time. Also I’m making sure I exercise, it’s kind of essential.  I’m so moody if I don’t get any done! I’m a better mama, partner, business owner, friend – everything – if I look after myself a little, too.





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