We love indoor summer projects for when the occasional thunderstorm rumbles in or maybe it’s just too HOT, so outside play is a no-go.   Today’s DIY project is simple + a great way to keep your kids busy while still keeping them engaged and working on their memory skills!

Your kids have probably been spending a great deal exploring outside…ask what objects or animals they have seen in your backyard or in the park, that they could use as inspiration for this matching game.  Maybe it’s bugs and creatures; maybe it’s flowers and trees; or maybe it’s even things in the sky.  Gather all your ideas and get drawing!  The best part is seeing their happy faces light up when they shuffle all the pieces and turn over a matching pair!


What you’ll need:

12 round wooden circles (available at any craft store)
colored pencils or crayons
scrapbook paper
glue stick

1. Decide on six objects to draw on your wooden circles. (You will draw two of each)
2. Using colored pencils or crayons, color in your designs however you want.  Be creative!
3. Trace your circles onto scrapbook paper with a uniform pattern and cut them out.
4. Adhere the paper to the back of the circles with the glue stick.
5. Set up your game and match away!!


These also make great party favors for birthdays or neighborhood get-togethers.

Make some for every season!

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