As you have probably already noticed, it’s that time of year again!   Freshly sharpened pencils, binders and notebooks, a full backpack and brand new set of sneakers have snuck up on us in the form of back-to school.  This fun back to school craft will make hanging those papers on the fridge more fun!  This would be a perfect after school activity, so grab your kids and a few supplies, and make these simple (and rewarding!) school supply magnets to get them excited about the year ahead!   They will be so excited to bring home their good work to display proudly on the fridge, using the magnets they made themselves!


What you’ll need:
Sculpey clay in various colors (available at craft stores)
putty knife
super glue
permanent marker
baking sheet


1. Roll out  and flatten different colors of clay to about 1/4 inch.

2. Using the putty knife, cut the clay into different shapes to create various school supplies. If you are making something with more than one color like the pencil, for example, gently press the different colors into each other so that they will stick together when baking.  To get a marbled effect, roll two different colors into each other and pull/twist the pieces together until you get the desired mixture.


3. Place all your pieces on the baking sheet and bake at 275 degrees for about 15-17 minutes.
4. Let cool and adhere the magnets to the back using super glue.
5. With a permanent marker, add details to your supplies.
6. Pop your new magnets on the fridge  bring home some great work to display!





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