This darling baby shower was inspired for two first time mamas! One including our very own style editor, Chelsey Mass. Since this was a combined sisters shower it had to be BIG, the guest list was nearly 70 people, everything needed to be done in bulk, but still have a classy touch to it! This baby bash was inspired by the invitations they ordered from Minted.  They wanted a constant theme throughout the entire party from the invitations down to the coordination boxes on the table!  We love the way this garden inspired  baby shower turned out…modern and elegant!  Every guest was given a box filled with yummy cupcakes, cookies, a cucumber sandwich & popcorn all carefully packaged in white parchment paper.

Sharing 6 tips below for creating the best baby shower/party event ever from Chelsey our Style Editor













Tassel Garland c/o Glam Fete
A few tips from Chelsey our Style Editor:

Tip #1: Place the food ready at the guests chair… Since we were feeding a large crowd in a small space we wanted to make it easy for the guests to find a seat and sit down, instead of finding a spot, then getting up to get in line only to go back & find their seat.  So we kept it simple, dessert + snack in a box at the table setting!

Tip #2: Pick a consistent theme…Since we loved these darling minted invitations we knew we just had to continue that theme over to the boxes on the table matched them up. So we used the same font logo to have vinyl cut and placed on each box.

Tip #3: Check the time you’re having the shower to determine the type of food that should be served.   If you’re doing an evening shower like us, we figured most people would have come from home already having had dinner, so we kept the food portion of the box light with a cucumber sandwich, cup of fruit, and popcorn then added some yummy sweets, a cupcake, and two cookies.

Tip #4: Spoil your guests… We wanted our guests to be able to take home some goodies…after all isn’t that the best part of attending a party or shower? We used clear boxes filled with animal cookies + a jar full of homemade cherry jam on top. We also told our guests to make sure they took the boxes of treats home with them as well.

Tip #5: Add signage… This can be something as simple as a sign that shows guests where to go or park. We added a chalkboard sign at the front of the house to tell guests to park in the back. Then we glittered arrows all the way down the alley that led to the party. (Just cut out an arrow template from foam core, lay down the template, use spray adhesive, wait until tacky then add glitter – super cute way to glam up your party!)

Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to rent! If you don’t have it rent it! Seriously, this is no joke, it helps keep the party theme uniform. Since we didn’t have 9 large tables + linens + 70 chairs, we called up our local party rental and just like that it was done! Pick it up the day before, set it up, then just return it the next day.  No need to buy those items OR to store 70+ chairs.  Just make sure you shop around for local party rental vendors and find the best price!



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