We are wrapping up our labor day weekend grilling, how many of you love a nice juicy steak?  You can easily enhance the flavor of your steaks by a simple seasoned marinade. We had some fun experimenting with a few different marinades + three cuts of meat, we marinated our new york strip & flank steaks from 5280 meat + some top sirloin!  They were melt in your mouth delicious! First pick up from your local grocery store the montreal steak & brown sugar bourbon season packets from Grill Mates to create these tasty marinades, so simple and easy and they only take minutes to mix up…then just place your meat + the marinade in a plastic bag and you have most of your meal prep done and ready! Who would have thought a little oil and vinegar + the right seasonings would create the most tender steaks we have ever eaten! montreal-steak Top Sirloin marinated using this montreal steak seasoning packetmontreal-steak-bourbon-steak-marinade grilled-asparagas bourbon-steak-marinade1 Flank steak + New York Strip steak from 5280 meat marinated in our brown sugar bourbon marinade. Grilled to perfection on our Traeger grill!

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