Wholesome, dairy free, wheat free, soy + egg free! Full of yummy healthy goodness to keep up your mama energy!  Created for the nursing mama but we found that they are perfect even for the everyday mama as we love them too!  Invented by 2 mamas and their love for making granola bars…one day while sharing their favorite recipe, the lightbulb moment happened, and Oat Mama was born! Nominated + loved by our moms and voted one of our HOT PRODUCT winners! You really must try them for yourself and you will be so glad you did!  Here are a few testimonials from 2 of our brand ambassadors…

Isobel from Bel and Beau said, “these Oat Mama bars are fantastic!
I am constantly on the go with my boys and always worry that I’m not eating and drinking enough to keep up with nursing my chunky little buddy. They are the perfect snack when you’re out and about. They are delish and increased my supply within a day of eating them.”

Grace Patton from Camp Patton said,  “They are so tasty! I can’t believe they make them themselves! Simon totally ate the lemon chia one without me knowing–so funny. But he loved it!”



Oat Mama Bars + Red Stellar Napkin from Emily Wong Designs ( Both HOT PRODUCT WINNERS)









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