Today we’re sharing this yummy Tangerine and Kale salad…Hi this is  Natalie from a  Little Coconutty.  “I love throwing together a quick salad for lunch time especially since I eat a high protein breakfast, I always feel like something lighter for lunch. The ginger tangerine salad dressing complements this salad perfectly!”


3 cups baby kale
3 tangerines
1/4 diced red onions
Handful of chopped almonds
Fresh Ginger
Salt and pepper
2 oz avocado oil
1 tsp rice vinegar
1 pitted date or sweetener of choice


For the dressing: grate half of the tangerine and throw the zest into a blender with the juice from that tangerine, avocado oil, rice vinegar, pitted date, a little bit of salt and vinegar and about 1 tsp grated ginger. Blend until combined.

For the salad:
Pour juice from 1 tangerine or a lemon onto the kale along with a sprinkle of salt, massage kale until shrunken down (about a minute+) this helps take the bitterness out of the kale, add onions, chopped almonds and tangerine slices then toss and enjoy!

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