Today we are sharing 5 ways to throw an amazing gender reveal party featuring Michelle from  The Mumsy Blog

 Here’s what she has to say…Gender Reveal parties have quickly become the “new thing”.  If you’re like my husband, then you’re going to see this as just another event to worry about.  But if you are like me, your inner party animal is doing endless acrobatic cartwheels over a fun raging trend!

There is nothing I love more than throwing a sensational party!  Especially when it involves celebrating a sweet little babe that is about to enter this world.  So, if you or someone you know is expecting, and you want to celebrate…here are my five easy ways to throw an incredible gender reveal party that wont leave a huge dent in your bank account!






1)    Create a theme- For one that I just recently did, I decided to go with a French theme; calling my own gender reveal party “Oui, Oui!  It’s a Bebe!”  By choosing to do this yourself, you will be able to have a clearer focus on your event, start focusing in on coupons and sales for the specific invitations, food selections, decorations, etc. you will need, and be able to more easily create an event that will simply amaze your guests!

 2)    Provide some activities that will really get your guests involved in the event-This can be as simple as having your guests cast their vote on the gender of the baby by making tally marks on a chalk board OR having them come dressed in the color they think the baby will be.

3)    The Dollar Store and/or Dollar aisle is your best friend-You’d be amazed at how many incredible décor items, game prizes, and paper goods you can find in both of these places.  For my own gender reveal party, I was even able to find silly string at my local Dollar Tree that I eventually had my guests use to reveal the gender of the mom-to-be’s baby!

4)    DIY, DIY, DIY-A great way to add that extra special touch is by doing anything you can, on your own.  By opting to make your own decorations, design your own invitations, or even bake your own cake, you will able to significantly cut back on your cost and create party elements that are truly one of a kind!

5)    Don’t be afraid to ask for help- When it comes to throwing a party, the dollar signs can rack up pretty quickly!  So don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Whether you’re needing help with decorations, food, or paper goods, you’d be amazed at how willing your friends are to help out!

And there you have it!  If you want to see more on how to reveal the gender of a baby or what party stores I like to go shopping at, visit here, here, or here.

Hip Hip Hooray!

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