Can you believe that October is here! We can now officially break out all our halloween + fall decor, and what a better way to start it off than making this easy cat garland! Do you remember this sweet little Modern Halloween Kids party from last year? This year Part 2 is coming your way, but this time a little more cat-tastic! And of course we’ll be sharing these super easy prints + make these Cat Masks HERE.  In the meantime check out how to  make this SUPER cute garland! And stay tuned for more DIY’s for the perfect cat themed party because they’re headed your way!


Here’s how to get started making this little garland!



Black Paper
Hot Glue
Download CAT template HERE



Start with your black paper + scissors, decide how long you want your garland to determine the amount of cats you want to cut out. Download the CAT template HERE …


Cut out the template on a black piece of cardstock, once you have one CAT template HERE cut out now trace more cats on the black paper.  I recommend using chalk to you can see your outline.


Trace away!  Note, stack two papers behind each other this way you can cut two cats at one time! All about that time saving!  Download the CAT template HERE


Determine how far you want your cats spaced out, (optional step: cut out little triangle noses for the cat & glue them on)


Glue baby, glue! Glue your twine to the back of the cat faces!


Hang and enjoy! Happy cat garland!

Download the CAT template HERE




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