For most of us, keeping a regular stash of snacks in our purses or diaper bags for our littles is pretty much as normal as keeping our stash of lipstick (No! That is NOT a crayon!).  However, sometimes those giant snack cups or the thin baggie just doesn’t cut it, so this super simple snack sack is here to save the day!  The best part is that it is also totally washable.  It is an hour or less project that will have you feeling pretty awesome you made something cute, and your kids satisfied that their snack wasn’t crushed by your wallet.


What you’ll need:
1/2 yard of cotton fabric
1/2 yard of stiff fuseable interfacing
matching thread

chopstick (really!)
button or velcro
sewing machine


Note: be sure to pre-wash all cotton fabrics before use, in case they shrink.  This way they won’t get all wonky after you have made the entire thing and then go to wash it and comes out a different shape than when it went in.


1. Cut out two rectangles from the cotton fabric that measure 6-1/2″ x 18″.  A trick that can help you with this if you are worried about cutting a straight line is that cotton rips perfectly on the grain, so measure your length and the cut a 1/4″ into the fabric and then rip the fabric from the cut and you will have a straight edge!  You can repeat this with the width until you get your rectangle
2. Measure and cut two identical rectangles from the interfacing (which cannot be ripped), and iron the bumpy side onto the wrong side on each of your cotton fabrics using a press cloth or spare fabric so your iron doesn’t get all gunky from the glue.

3. Place the rectangles on top of each other with the correct sides facing in and stitch around the entire piece at 1/2″, leaving a 3″ opening on one side.  Clip the corners of each side off so that they don’t get bulky when it is right side out.

4. Turn the piece inside out through the opening using the chopstick to push out the corners and iron everything flat.
5. Topstitch 1/4″ around the entire rectangle which will close the opening and make it look pretty.

6. Fold up one of the short sides about 6″ and pin through all the layers.  Stitch over the topstitching you already did on the sides to make a pocket.
7. For closures, there are two options.  If you are comfortable with your machine and it makes buttonholes, go for it!  Just make a buttonhole on the top flap and then attach a button so that the flap will enclose the pocket when not in use.  You can also use velcro.  Just be sure to attach the piece on the “pocket” before you sew the sides down so that you can still access it.

8. Fill with your child’s favorite snack and pop it in the washing machine when you are done!  Yum!

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