In honor of Anti-bullying awareness month we are excited to introduce you to this awesome children’s book. Charlie’s Birthday Wish by Rene Micka shares a unique perspective on bullying that most never realize as it comes from the point of view of the bully.  It is a beautiful story about forgiveness.  Charlie is the bully in the story and he hasn’t treated his friends very well.  As a result he has driven them all away.  When it comes time for his birthday party…his mom asks who he would like to invite.  He has to tell her what a terrible friend he has been as he has no friends to put on his birthday party list.  I love how his mom explains that he can be forgiven if he tells them he was wrong…so he writes an apology to each one of them inviting them to his birthday party.

Charlie’s birthday wish is to be forgiven for being cruel to his friends at school. He had to contemplate his sorrow he has caused. With help from his mother he learned that friendships have to be earned. Charlie told them all that he was wrong and then invited them to his birthday party. So what will be his fate for this very special party? Will his friends forgive Charlie and come to the party. 


There are some valuable lessons taught in this book that we can all learn about being a good friend as well as how important our words and actions affect others. Here are a few discussion points…

  •  What was the valuable lesson that Charlie learned?
  • What were some of the things Charlie did that were hurtful to his friends?
  • Do you think Charlie wanted to hurt the other children’s feelings?
  • What are some things you learned about how to be a good friend?
  • How might things have been different for Charlie if he had not said sorry to his friends?

We highly recommend picking up a copy of this awesome children’s book.

Pick up your copy,  


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