We’re down to less than 3 weeks to go…someone pinch me! That means we’ll be bringing home this sweet baby soon! As the weeks slowly BUT quickly wind down, I have been packing our bags to get ready to go to the hospital! ¬†Every hospital is a little different so we made sure to ask ahead of time what’s a good idea to pack, I would rather have it & not use it than have to have the husband make a quick run home, or not so quick since our hospital is 45-50 minutes away. Here’s a list of what I’m including in our bag + bringing to the hospital…not photographed our car seat & car seat cover.

bringing home baby


Big Bag! I started with a diaper bag, but I threw that aside & picked up a pink leather bag that was open up top. This way I could fit everything in 1 bag without jamming things in tiny pockets to get lost. Because last thing I want to do is dig around for the pacifier I packed 6 weeks ago. Think big & open!

Swaddles + Blankets- I love these soft swaddles from Milkbarn + the knit floral blanket from Polly & Delilah, they are so soft on newborn skin & large enough to wrap around the baby a few times to keep them nice & warm! For over the carrier I packed a Saranoni blanket, these are so soft + warm, such great quality.

Bottle- I plan on breast feeding but rumor has it, it can take up to 5 days for your milk supply to come in, so since that’s the case our pediatrician told us at our meet and greet that supplementing is completely fine for the first couple days/weeks.



Pacifier- Some hospitals don’t allow pacifiers, our doesn’t recommend it, but it’s completely up to you as the parent + ask your pediatrician ahead of time on her opinion on pacifiers.

Diapers + Wipes- Just in case we have a little accident before we make it home, always a good idea!

Sleepers- I love these sacks + hats from Milkbarn. Organic cotton + makes it easy for the nurse to check the belly button, and easy for little bum changes. I brought a few newborn + 0-3 month, she’s estimated to be an average babe, but just incase there’s a bigger sleeper to bring her home in.

Hair bows- Well because, let’s be honest hair bows are always a must have. I love the nylon headbands, they are so soft especially on newborns heads!

Socks, Mitten + Moccs.- Warm socks + mittens are a must, especially for a late fall/winter babe, here in the midwest the weather is so unpredictable it could be sunny and 65 degrees or a snow storm! I threw in a pair of newborn moccs incase its super chilly & she needs extra warmth.


Optional things: I threw in a hair brush, but I doubt she’ll need it. I also threw in a few mini lotions just in case, a hand crochet bonnet from her great aunt, it may be a little big but just incase, and pacifier clips, just too cute to pass up.



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