Happy November! It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! This is my absolute favorite time of year for so many reasons…especially as my kids are getting older I become even more sentimental.  I know my time with them is limited…so I want to make our memories count.  I’ve already started working on my christmas tree decor as last year I was so late to the game that I totally ran out of time.  So my goal for november…finish up my small projects for my holiday decor….and try not to get too overwhelmed. Easier said than done!

Today we are sharing this simple and easy fall look for you mama and your mini-me. See details and links below…little-P-and-me-fall-little-P-fall-5 fall-fashion-me-6 fall-fashion-me-3 fall-fashion-me-2fall-fashion-P-and-me- fall-fashion-me-1little-P-fall-3 fall-little-P-and-me-little-P-fall-denim-2-close-uplittle-P-close-up-2fall-fashion-me-7little-P-fall-4

This striped dress from Sonnet James is my favorite and has been a closet staple for me for the past year…this dress is now available while supplies last.  Stripes are classic and I don’t think they are ever going out of style.    are my favorite too…along with ankle boots.  But I won’t lie, it took me a while to feel ok wearing ankle boots with a dress.

, , and dress found here…..

Little P is wearing a fun….along with these darling little bear knee socks (another favorite trend)  and.  Vintage Neon polka dot bow with an inside out braid.



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