Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean the scary fun of this holiday has to end. Especially if you have boys…I came up with a fun pair of swamp monster sneakers, it was so fun to transform a pair of sneakers into a set of oogly googly shoes that my little boy can wear any place he goes!  If you too, have a Halloween-loving little kiddo then this DIY project is the perfect bonding activity for the two of you to do!


DIY Swamp Monster Sneakers


What you need:

Camo Converse Sneakers-really, you can do any color, but I opted for some camo ones that I got at Walmart.

Super Glue

Googly Eyes

What you do:

1. Glue the eyes all over your shoes without over lapping any of the eyes in order to get the strongest bond.

2. Allow the glue to completely dry.

3. Let your kiddo enjoy wearing their new googly eyed shoes any and everywhere they go.

And that’s it!

swamp monster sneakers 3

Here’s to silly spooks and thrills year round!




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