Today we are featuring our must-have gifts for your sweet baby girl…from the perfect bonnet to our favorite baby carrier + teether and more!  6 of these brands will also be included in our HUGE holiday gift guide giveaway…ENTER to WIN NOW!bbg

1. Chewable Charm Teether

2. Owlet Baby Monitor

3. James & Faye Sailor Bow

4. Templeton Silver Pacifier Clip

5. Land of Nod My Pet Unicorn Ride On

6. Moon Room Kids- Fox Print Baby Skirt

7. Briar Handmade Bonnet

8. Kippins Kitty Kippens

9. Manny & Simon Alpaca Push Toy

10. Sadie Then Thenty Romper

11. Solly Baby Baby Wrap Blush

12. LouLouLollipopFinery Teether + Pacifier Clip

13. Poppy Lane Company Blush Bracelet

14. La Pito Footwear- Chickpea

15. Noble Carriage- Flora the Fox

16. Naaya by moonlight- Elephant Pillow

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