Christmas is in just 4 short weeks!  Since we like to enjoy our Christmas decorations longer than just a couple weeks, we start our decorating mid November!  Sounds silly I know but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Christmas spirit. Plus since we are supposed to be having a little one join us anyyyyyy day now, come on baby.  No better time to decorate than now… Sharing 6 fun and easy tips for decorating your home for christmas this year!

Tip #1: Don’t waste your time and money buying those cute ornaments that cost $8 a piece!  Skip it. Buy a cheaper box with lots of colors!  Heck buy like 8 boxes all different colors. Economy, plus this helps create a uniform look at the end of the day. And NEVER EVER feel like you have to stick with traditional christmas colors!  Go ahead create your own palette, something that matches you’re house since you’ll be looking at it for the next few weeks!


Tip #2: Clumping! Oh hi, yes you can see me and the baby bump in our Christmas sweater in that photo (hint: look in the green ornament), but disregard that.  Yes, clumping. Buy some glitter ribbon or just plain ribbon and tie your ornaments to the ribbon. Tip: I pick up some cheap glitter ribbon in the dollar section! Now clump them together



Tip #3: Don’t forget about that pretty china cabinet! Even simple things like adding ornaments to a cabinet or light fixture help create a more festive feel.



Tip #4: Get that tree out! Don’t feel like every year you’re stuck with the same ornaments, mix last years ornaments with fun new colors this year! I picked up some fun stars at target. I love the over sized version of them! Mix the balls + big stars!



Use those clumping ornaments now hang them from your chandler above your dining room table!  Easy, cheap, and so fun!


Tip #5: Make a banner! Heck why not, okay if you’re not crafty… target has some pretty cute banners you can pick up already made, hang it from your mantle, add some cute bottle brush trees and now your mantle is beautifully styled!


Extra ornaments?

Tip #6: add them to a bowl! Add extra ornaments to a bowl, this year I had a ton of brink pink balls so I mixed some white & silver ornaments in a fun bowl, added a candle to the middle and done!



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