Who doesn’t love a giant bow on top of a little babies head? I mean there is nothing cuter!  And since nesting is in FULL force around here I’m quickly making these before our little babe shows up!  Today is your day to bust out the sewing machine for a quick 5 minute easy-peasy tutorial on how to make these!  This project is seriously foolproof, if you can sew a straight line this is for you, put the babe down for a nap, grab your sewing machine and make a bow head wrap for less than $3, yes they’re that cheap!

See tutorial below….


Cutting mat (or ruler)
Sewing Machine
1/4″ of fabric (your choice)



Step 1: Begin with a 1/4″ of fabric. Most fabric is between 44-56″ wide, this is plenty wide for the length of the headband. Cut the salvage off your fabric (this is the end that looks a little tattered) Cut that off, you don’t need it.


Step 2: Leave your fabric folded in half, cut the fabric 6″ wide. Now unfold your fabric and fold in length (or hot dog style) in half, this will give you 3″ wide, one side folded and the other side open. The open side is what you’ll need to sew.s3

Step 3: Make sure the fabric is wrong sides together, or printed sides together. Now line your fabric up and cut a 25-30 degree angle. Do this to both sides.



Your edge should look like this. Printed sides folded together & ends cut at an angle. Line your fabric up & press it together, this will get it ready to go in the sewing machine,



Step 5: Now starting at the end sew a 1/4″ seam around the edges. Be sure to leave a 1″ whole inorder to turn your fabric back inside out.


Here’s a photo of the fabric half turned inside, half still wrong side out. It should look something like this.

Step 6: Once you are done turning fabric inside out. Than press your fabric with the iron, than sew a little seem where you left it open to turn the fabric inside out.


Voila! You did it! that easy! It will look like a long strip of fabric, pretty basic but now take the end and tie a bow! Depending on your fabric length 44-56″ & the size of your baby’s head you can double tie the fabric around than make your bow! The smaller the baby the more fabric you will have, just try it out until you see what works best for you!


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