Happy New Year!  We are excited to kick off our theme for 2016…Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful! Being confident in who you are is our hope and dream for each one of you!  If all mothers and women everywhere would embrace their own uniqueness…there would be no need to ever tear themselves or others down.

This past fall after we finished our #nobullbekind  + #kindnessbeginswithme campaign we sat down and evaluated the experience and the main thing that we observed…was that any type of bullying stems from an insecurity of oneself!  The underlying issue for those that participate in bullying, comes from them not loving or accepting who they are.  Thus creating a negative chain of unhappiness for themselves that is then directed towards all of those that become a victim of their bullying.

Bullying is everywhere, from social media to our kids schools, in the workplace, and yes even at church.  

We are all unique…and we are all beautiful in our own way.   As we accept this wonderful truth…it will change our life and our children’s lives for generations to come!   Being kind to yourself and others is a learned behavior…nice moms raise nice children….so be nice to yourself and it will naturally reflect to others!  Kindness really does begin with me…

This amazing quote design was created in collaboration with the talented Carli at Letters and Laurels it was inspired by our #nobullbekind campaign that  we promoted during October 2015 for #antibullyingawarenessmonth

“Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful ” xxo



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