The Owlet Baby Monitor is a game changer for moms. While monitoring baby’s heart rate, the device also monitors baby’s oxygen levels.  You can watch this all live from the Owlet App on your smartphone or iPad!  How incredible is that?

Hi, I’m Melinda Pike, a new contributing editor to the mom’s best team, this fall I had my second baby…after losing so much sleep with my first child, worrying about every little sound, quiet moment, hiccup, etc… I knew that I couldn’t live in worry that way again + maintain my health.  Then I discovered Owlet! It was a game changer!


When you open the Owlet box, first of all– their attention to detail is spot on and you know you’re getting a high quality product + the packaging is darling!  The smart sock comes in a few sizes which are all included in the box!  There’s a size just for newborns and a few others that they can grow into.  The base station is modern and looks great on any night stand or table.  Something I love about the Owlet Baby Monitor is that the base station changes colors when it’s disconnected or when something is wrong.  It also lets out a sweet nursery lullaby when it wants you to check on baby.  It’ll have you check on baby if there is a lot of movement, if the sock can’t get a reading, or if there are any drops or increases in oxygen levels or heart rate.


I can’t put into words the relief that is felt when I check the app and can see LIVE stats on my screen about my babe!   I can see his heart rate, oxygen levels, and even my baby’s face as the app allows you to upload a photo.  The monitor itself uses Hospital Technology called, “pulse oximetry” to monitor baby which is pretty much the same thing they clamp around your finger when you visit the hospital or deliver your baby.  It is perfectly safe and does not have any harmful frequencies transmitted that would harm your baby. I’m a lover of all things tech and the Owlet Baby Monitor has stolen my heart!  We here at mom’s best love the Owlet team and are so impressed with this product.  We give it a thumbs up!


Photos taken by Melinda Pike

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