Coco Moon was born on the island of Maui at approximately 3 AM while Amber was nursing her second child. Somewhere between delirium and wakefulness her wandering mind settled on the idea that was the first seed of Coco Moon. She thought about how her memories were made more colorful by both the people and things in them.

coco moon hawaii

After living in Hawaii for five years my family obtained a great love for the Hawaiian Islands and the idea of living with aloha. From the moment I spoke with Amber about her blankets I knew she is someone who carries the aloha spirit and it is infused in her products. First of all, these swaddles are incredibly buttery soft. I find myself snuggling with them long after my children have gone to bed. You can almost hear the ocean and palm trees swaying if you listen close enough.

The prints make me so happy. Subtle, sweet, island themed details on each swaddle. We selected Coco Moon as our Friday Find because from bottom to top, we are so impressed with this beautiful company and the thought that has gone into each and every product. Beach waves, little rainbows, turtle’s in love, pineapples, smiling sharks and more… so many unique island inspired prints that are sure to leave your little one dreaming. Two big thumbs up from Mom’s Best. Check out Coco Moon Hawaii and give Amber some aloha!


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