Oh the holidays! They come and go as soon as another is done so what’s a person to do? Live in party mode for life and give up the strong healthy body and mind that we also want, not to mention fitting into an outfit we’d like to fill out nicely instead of find one to hide in?  Well today I am sharing 4 tips that have helped me personally keep the balance during those holidays/celebrations. 

keeping a balance during the holidays

TIP #1. Sometimes acknowledging that parties, holidays and celebrations occur year round helps bring down the level of eagerness to indulge. Events are meant to be enjoyed and should be exciting and indeed enjoyable. Once you have accepted that holidays and events are a part of your life that you want to include decide how to deal with it.  

 Tip#2. Decide how you want to handle parties and holidays. Do you want to indulge or avoid sweets altogether? If you do want some indulgences, pick what you want to have and enjoy every second, savor every bite and bask in that moment. No personal guilt trips.  Once it’s done, put that plate away and get lost in conversation or play with the kids. Socializing is a great way to avoid shoveling all the extra tempting food.

Tip#3. Bring something to contribute. I most always bring something to contribute to a bbq or party. One, to contribute but also for personal motives of making sure there is something there I can enjoy. Consider this a security blanket.

Tip #4.  Don’t go hungry. You have heard this a million times I am sure. It really does calm down your system and helps make rational decisions. It helps you be in control.  Great appetite suppressants are staying hydrated, slow digesting carbohydrates like oats, quinoa or chia seed pudding, hydrating fruits like apples are also great. Just don’t go ravenous.

This used to be a big problem area for me to be honest, so I get it. I live on the beaches in Hawaii and every day seems to be party mode not to mention all the birthday parties and bbq’s. Its common for people to bring snacks and its easy to start living off of junk.  Been there done that, and it’s not worth it.  What has worked is deciding I want to change my lifestyle and form a healthy relationship with food. It helps to focus and enjoy the foods I can and forget about the ones I can’t. It has gone long enough now that I do not crave the ‘bad foods’ anymore. Its gone from dietary changes to a way of life which simultaneously is not only benefiting my longevity but the environment and over all quality of life. There is no sweet in this world worth giving that up.  You got this!  Happy Holidays! xxo

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