Mom’s Best Loves Maileg + little auggie  for darling Easter Inspiration!  We are excited to share our favorite lifestyle images from our friend Liz at Lizzyography! She says, I have always had the idea that kids should play with what they love the most (typically pots and pans and empty cardboard boxes). Luckily, in the case of anything bunny related my daughter Caroline is a fan!  Caroline has actually been a bunny lover since about 6 months. When we received all these Maileg bunnies in the mail she set to work “marrying” them, dressing them, and sharing them with the neighbors. It is easy to see how she fell in love! Every single detail of the bunnies clothing and the furniture– it is all what I would want to play with as a child or now. The only problem is that she found these prematurely. Ha! They WERE for her Easter basket!  Looks like I will have to buy more (not a bad problem to have).

Little Auggie bedding is at the top of our list too! Simple, they go with anything, unique as their quality and product are set apart as a step above the rest! You will not go wrong using both brands in your next room makeover project…Mom’s Best!

Quilt and Sheets: Little Auggie
Bunnies: Maileg 
Cloud Rug: Little P



1little auggie + maelig




6maileg + little auggie

7little auggie + maelig

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