Dock-A-Tot is making sleep easier for mama’s and their babies! A mom’s best HOT PRODUCT winner, It’s at the top of our list of must-haves for your little one. Available in 2 sizes.  Transitioning from car seat to bassinet to crib can sometimes be challenging for your baby, thus making it hard ultimately for the whole family to get the sleep they need. We are amazed at how easy Dock-A-Tot makes it for baby to literally sleep anywhere!  From home to grandmas house, the Dock makes it easy! They even have a bigger size available for your bigger littles 9-36 months. Sharing below a personal experience of  sweet baby Charlie Ann from her Mama Chelsey.  Charlie Ann is now sleeping well and the rest of the family is getting the sleep they need.  SHOP DOCK-A-TOT thru 5/4/16 and get our exclusive 10% off now with MOMSBEST10…SHOP HERE…


Photos  Taken of Charlie Ann by Mama Chelsey….


Chelsey Said, “This is absolutely perfect for all you mamas out there that are transitioning from co-sleeping to the crib! We started the transition around 8 weeks! We started with naps during the day. She was notorious for mini-cat naps during the day, 20 minutes here, wake up cranky, 20 minutes there, wake up still cranky.  This was a dream when it showed up at our door! She finally slept longer than 20 minutes at a time & She’s now 4 1/2 month old & sleeps in her crib all by herself and through the entire night!  We love our dock-a-tot for grandma’s house & during the day she loves to do tummy time in it!  We would still be having sleepless nights if dock-a-tot didn’t help our sweet baby transition into her crib!  It’s a must have for mamas especially with restless babies!”

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