Fresh Wave Odor fighting gel! This product is a hot product winner…Move over baking soda we found something that works for any odor!  Made of fresh ingredients,  we love that you can place this container anywhere in the house where odors are strong and BAM problem solved! We used it in the fridge and bathroom.  But what about the nursery and near the diaper pail? The cool part is you can buy a couple smaller containers and refill them buying a bigger container, saving money on your refills! Right now you can save 22% with this exclusive coupon code now through 4/30,  use  MyEarthDay22   during checkout!  Head on over and see what the fresh wave is all about here…plus check out their several other versions of this product available…like the Kitchen kit and more!

Happy Friday! xoxo make sure you enter our #hotproductwinnersgiveway  to win $75 worth of fresh wave in one of our grand prizes…here!


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