The Owlet Care Monitor is a mom’s best HOT PRODUCT winner! We love that it really helps mom’s and dad’s find a little piece of mind.  The smart sock is designed to help alert parents if the baby stops breathing!  Now you can sleep through the night as the monitor will alert you if there is a problem.

New mama Chelsey Mass and Husband can’t even begin to express how necessary this monitor is for mom’s and dad’s.  Even though our Charlie was born with an under developed airway that every time she took a breath it made this horrible noise, the ENT specialist ensured us that it was only just a noise and all would be ok…however we still felt we needed a little peace of mind while she slept through the night.  So we decided Owlet was the answer!  First night we opened the box, I set up the Owlet app on my phone, found a sock that fit, & turned the base station on.   The app read  “Charlie’s readings are normal,   phew!  We instantly had that peace of mind,  I could also see her oxygen levels & heart rate!   Read more of Chelsey’s experience with the Owlet below….

Owlet-baby-Owlet Care Mom's Best HOT Product WinnerOwlet Care Mom's Best HOT Product Winner

Chelsey continues, “After co-sleeping for the first 8 weeks, I knew that we needed to transition Charlie into her crib. The first night I put her in her crib, I checked on her at least 10 times, double checking, watching her chest rise, over and over. I lost sleep worrying, after receiving the Owlet, I would check my phone in the middle of night if I was ever worried then went back to sleep; it was so easy & gave my new mom anxiety a peace of mind! Happy mama + happy baby. The owlet offers a peace of mind that is absolutely priceless!”

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