Cooking in the kitchen is one of our favorite things to do together as a family, it’s something my husband and I enjoy doing together a lot. Passing that love onto our children is amazing, and I love to watch how they love it too.  We cooked up one of our favorite  italian pasta salads, recipe below.  This boy especially has taken to the kitchen, I can ask him to help with anything and he’s right there eager to help and learn if need be.  He especially loves working with our grill…excited to continue to foster that love for cooking with my children. We especially love our Hedley & Bennett aprons. Love that they are so durable and perfect for the whole family. A mom’s best HOT PRODUCT winner,  they are offering  15% off their aprons through tomorrow 5/4/16/using our special coupon code MOMSBEST15.  Now is the perfect time to shop for mother’s day! mom-and-me-hedley-and-bennett-2H-and-B-kidsmom-and-me-hedley-and-bennett-5mom-and-me-hedley-and-bennett-8mom-and-me-hedley-and-bennett-7 Italian Pasta Salad

Boil 3/4 of a box of Bow tie Pasta, or your favorite pasta for salad.

Rinse and cool with cold water, place in bowl.

Chop then add to Pasta

Cucumber 1-2

Tomato 2-3

1/4 finely chopped onion

One Can of Med or Large Olives, sliced.

Cubed Monterey Jack Cheese about 1 cup, add more if you like.

Mix up 1 Italian Dressing Mix Packet according to package instructions…Mix in Salad at the end.

Add in extra Salt and Pepper to Taste,

Serve and Enjoy

Serves 6

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