Our team loves promptly journals….really wondering why someone didn’t create these Promptly Journal’s years ago!  We love that you can keep it in your bag ready and easy to grab to jot down those special simple moments that we don’t ever want to forget!

Brand Ambassador + Darling mama Bri from @burtsbrisplease loves keeping hers handy to keep track of Leo’s moments, she says….”I love how easy the promptly journal makes it to document Leo’s milestones and the memories I have with him. I’ve never been consistent with journaling or keeping a baby book for him, but the writing prompts in this book make it easy to stay up to date. Lately I love tucking it in my diaper bag along with our Polaroid and taping the pictures we take inside. I also love how aesthetically simple it is-it’s a perfect shower gift and works for any gender!

Head on over and pick up a few journals to easily keep track of those everyday moments with your children you will soon forget. So easy…



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