As mompreneurs we are always on the lookout for anything that will help make our lives more productive at home as well as in the workplace!  Today in honor of world productivity day we came across these 5 amazing tips as well as this awesome app that is making our calendar + life more simple.  Sharing the 5 tips below as well as a link to get this FREE app called Simpliday!

Tips brought to you today by Johan Gunnars, CEO and founder of this amazing new app called Simpliday.

Our favorite is the drag and drop event feature! This easily allows you to move an event/meeting to the next day etc. Expect the unexpected as we always say…if you are prepared for the unexpected then you will always come out on top.

World productivity day is a good time to take a moment and reflect upon how productive or unproductive you actually are…we realize that we have far to go, and accept the challenge for improvement. Thanks simpliday for helping to make our lives easier!!

We also want to wish all dads everywhere a happy father’s day! xxo


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5 Tips to more productivity….

1. Don’t say yes to everything. While many people set high productivity standards for themselves, it’s necessary to be realistic about your time limitations. It’s okay to say no to requests from others—or even from yourself—and not feel bad about it. Instead, be proud of what you have accomplished and confident in the tasks you’ve chosen to prioritize.

2. Use your commute for less intensive tasks. Many people consider the daily commute as valuable productivity time. While that’s true, this time doesn’t have to be spent taking care of your most stressful tasks. Instead of answering work emails or crunching numbers, use the commute to check off less intensive tasks that still make you productive, such as brainstorming play-date ideas for your child, calling your mother to say hi, listening to a podcast you’ve been wanting to tune into, or even using this time to relieve some stress by singing along with the radio!

3. Live by your organized calendar. There’s nothing that helps you stay productive better than an organized, beautiful, and functional calendar. Seek out a calendar app that reflects your personality, doesn’t bore you with a grey and lackluster interface, adapts to your life, and allows you to easily move appointments, send meeting invites, link your emails or Facebook events, and see your list of reminders all in one place. The right calendar app will ensure that you’ll never miss an event and can take pride in your completed tasks.

4. Evaluate and eliminate time and money wasting relationships. Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing emails, texts or calls you receive? How about the acquaintances whose invitations you keep declining? By assessing your email inbox, friendships, and commitments, you can easily declutter your life by unsubscribing. Remove yourself from any pesky or irrelevant retail mailing lists and focus on spending your time with those you truly want to spend your time with.

5. Quit multi-tasking. It’s difficult in this day and age to tune out all of the distractions and focus on the task at hand. Social media, a buzzing phone, happy children begging to play, emails constantly arriving, a never-ending to-do list, or even “worker’s block” all make it tempting to jump from task to task. By putting your phone in the other room on silent, taking your email offline, or pre-arranging play dates, nannies, or a convenient nap time, you can convince yourself to quit multi-tasking and focus on one task at a time. In the end, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish!

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