When it comes to designing your child’s space there are several things to consider. Have you ever wanted to learn how to design like the pros? Well today our friends from The Interior Design Institute are here to share a few tips for how you can do just that….

There are 7 design elements to consider when you approach creating your child’s perfectly imperfect space…

Space, Line, Forms/Shapes, Light, Color, Texture, and Pattern. Discussing them in more detail below + sharing a few examples of how you can use these effectively.

“Creative play helps young children develop social skills and expands their understanding of the world around them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.28.16 PM

A teepee is a fantastic idea so the kids can enjoy having their own secret hideaway for relaxation or to have fun with their friends + it also makes a cool reading nook for children and the adults whilst the kids are sleeping!

Most kids love playing on the floor, so a tip when decorating a nursery or kids room is to give them something soft, warm and comfortable to roll and lie around on, especially during the cooler months.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.26.15 PM

We cannot get enough of this playful teepee and vintage kilim rug from Tigmi Trading, love the effective use of  soothing tones + natural light throughout the space. The elements of design used effectively in this space make it the perfect place to sit back and relax thus creating harmony.”

Toddler bed available on line from here



7 Design elements to consider when creating your child’s perfectly imperfect space….

Space: Is the most important element in design. The designer must be aware of the size + limitations of the space, including dimensions + usefulness.

Line: Gives birth to forms and shapes + helps create a sense of harmony. The lines above in the toddler bed as well as on the wall panels create this sense of harmony.

Form/Shape:  Any 3 dimensional object, can be combined with several shapes and accentuated by color, texture and pattern.

Light: Natural or man-made, we love as much natural light as possible. A very important element that sets the mood and the tone of the whole space.  The natural light in the room above accentuates to the harmony of the space.

Color: Sets the mood and can have psychological implications…choosing color wisely is very important. Make sure you research this part….neutral calming colors create a natural sense of peace and harmony. We are big fans of neutral spaces for this reason, but we do love color, we like to add in pops of color.

Texture: Mixing/layering the right textures can add depth and interest to your design space. Textiles, pillow covers, drapes, wall paint or wall coverings can all create texture. In the pictures above, the rug as well as wood wall paneling, wall decor, feathers and drapes..they all create the perfect textures in this child’s space

Pattern: Adds interest and life to your space, patterns tell a story and can add flow to your space.  The pattern in the rug above adds the right amount of life and interest to this darling child’s space.


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