Simplicity was the key for this sweet pink panda party! Little P turned 5…and I could not be more thankful and grateful for motherhood.  Recent experiences have made me realize just how short and fleeting life really is! Not only the fact that my kids are growing at lightning speed…but it was literally yesterday that this little nugget was born. So I want to cherish and enjoy the moments, make the most of each day, + focus on the things that are most important.  So when it came to planning this party/sweet little milestone, I looked for ways to simplify.  Little P had a fun play date planned with her friend Mia, sooo I decided that was a great day to have this little party.  It was perfect timing…as these two were the cutest.  We seriously have had so much fun celebrating this birthday for about a week now.

Party supplies ordered came from Virginia at Theo & Jag….sharing all the details below….

pink-party-20pink-party-11-option-2pink-party-1pink-party-26pink-party-2pink-party-9pink-party-cake-10pink-party-8pink-party-25pink-party-12pink-party-13pink-party-17pink-party-24pink-party-14pink-party-22pink-party-18Party Details…

Panda balloon, number 5 pink balloon, make your own banner,  pink modern grid plates + striped cups, and I just happen to have some leftover wooden spoons on hand from a previous party.   Not shown…simple clear treat bags with bubbles + pink candy treats tied with a simple B&W stripe ribbon that  I had on hand.

Last,  I bought a simple 8″ round double layered white bakery cake, whipped up some fresh cream, added strawberries + blueberries and boom the cake was done.  “Best cake ever my kids said,  as my kids + these little cuties approved.”


Little P’s outfit details


Clip….pom pom clip from Hello Shiso



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