Excited to introduce you to Tulip Juvenile a collection of amazing modern cribs + kids furniture for the modern design loving family…Today we are featuring their Rio Collection…

We love it’s stunning modern design blending the rich beauty of walnut wood with contrasting sleek drawer fronts.  This combination creates a striking Italian design incorporating warmth and modernity.

Check out some of our favorites from the RIO Collection now available online at Tulip Juvenile….


Here is a little background on our favorite new brand…

Tulip Juvenile is the modern version of another Classic Brand called Natart Juvenile, Inc, it is the parent company of TULIP, a family run business which was founded in Rome, Italy in 1988 as a manufacturer of adult furniture.  In 1995, they moved the company to Quebec, Canada in order to expand their structure and to better serve the growing North American demand for high-end furniture. The juvenile division was subsequently launched in 2001.

Natart Juvenile has successfully branded itself as a predominantly classical furniture line with distinctive design elements. After receiving multiple demands, from both retailers and consumers alike for a more modern line, TULIP was conceived and launched in 2008. Although TULIP is inspired by an urban lifestyle, they take great care in avoiding the sterile design approach that many modern juvenile furniture companies have. Since the end user is a child and not an adult, they prefer that the furniture evokes a feeling of comfort. They are also conscientious in utilizing “eco-friendly” components and manufacturing processes to ensure that the furniture is not only ecologically sound, but above all “user safe.”

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