Modern hair clips…endless possibilities. Pick up the suggested supplies below and it Only take 15 minutes…the perfect saturday project. Enjoy making these with your kiddos! Spice up any outfit with these darling clips. ¬† Created by our favorite crafting mama Chelsey @brighbolddesign¬†details + how-to below…..HAPPY FRIDAY xoxo


Aligator clips
Snap Clips
Ribbon (Glitter)

Glitter Felt Sheet

Step one– Cover clips with ribbon. For the Easy snap clips. guys no joke this is so easy and inexpensive, just hot glue the snap clip directly to the glitter felt, cut a sqaure, glue the edges down. Yes, that easy!

Step two– For pom pom’s use you’re fingers to make a few loops around, repeat this step until you have a 1″ wide felt loop. Tie the middle of the loop, and begin cutting the looped edges. Now trim all the uneven felt away, and shape into a ball. If you want a smaller bow, just keep trimming the felt down.

Step three– Cut out little felt cat head, I just free handed this, but you can look at a few images to get an idea of what you want. Attach it it to the ribbon aligator clip.

Step four– Felt bow. cut a 6″x1″ felt strip. fold the edges into the middle to create a rectangle, make sure the two sides are even. Pinch the edges to meet in the middle, add a 1/4″ strip to the center to keep the bow shape, and glue.


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