We often get asked where do I begin…?

Whether you are creating a nursery or kids space it really does not matter… both start pretty much the same way.

Today we will walk you through a process that works for us.   First we create a pinterest specific board gathering inspo.  The inspo can be anything  from a specific color or colors we are loving…to adding in items we for sure want to incorporate, like a rocker, or a specific crib or bed to a pillow or toy we are loving.   Then we look for patterns or recurring elements.  What coordinates, what isn’t working, we fine tune, we delete.    Then we share our idea with the client or influencer to see if they like the direction we are going.  If they like it then we continue moving forward, still fine tuning.    Add in more neutral elements, pick a few neutral rugs, pick a few pieces of art.   We fine tune again, add in pillows, toys and more fun!   Then we are ready to create a mood board and get the client’s final approval.    Once approved, we start gathering the items….


BELOW is the final mood board we created for the kids space/ nursery nook designed for Ginger Parrish and her three boys HERE…….we went through 3 other mood board versions till we finally settled on this look.   Details and links below.  Space was styled by our creative director Tana Hallows the driving force behind this fun travel series.

We love to create spaces that feel peaceful, clean, and a little modern.  Harmony with a lot of simplicity are the #1 most important things we feel you need when creating a space for children.  Less really can be more…for us if you can get the harmony right then it will naturally be a space the child will always want to be in.  For the full reveal of this space visit our other post  HERE….



Feature brought to you by Munchkin.com….



2. Lightning Bolt light     SAW AND STEEL

3. HORSE ART     

4. Pegboard  LAND OF NOD

5. Mountain Pillow  BABY SWAG

6. Wooden Cars, Block, wooden camera  LITTLE SAPLING TOYS

7. Lion Pillows  OYOY

8. Gray Cross Pillow on rocker  OLLI + LIME

9. Folktale Forest Sheets LAND OF NOD

10. Natural Jersey Knit Duvet LAND OF NOD

11. Wall mount ACRYLIC J Rack Shelves    AMERICAN RETAIL SUPPLY     35 3/4″ WITH OPEN ENDS

12.WIGWAM Music Mobile  OYOY

13. ANIMAL Mobile  OYOY

14. ALMA Mini Crib   BLOOM

15. Pom Pom Bin  PEHR

16. Wooden Cars, Block, wooden camera  LITTLE SAPLING TOYS

17. Whale Pillow   OYOY

18. Surya Natural Jute Rug     RUGS DIRECT

19. Adventure RUG  BABY SWAG


21. Grid Hamper   BABY SWAG

22. Horse Pillow   OYOY

23. Grid Pillow  OLLI + LIME

24. Cloud Pillows BABY SWAG

25. STEP Diaper Pail   MUNCHKIN


27. Long Lines Wallpaper  CHASINGPAPER.COM 


PHOTO of Space above…all STYLING BY @tanahallows, photographed by Elise Curtis Photo and Film

APPAREL for all 3 KIDS….. its good to be me collection from  KID + KIND

APPAREL Ginger…..LIV Dress in Papaya SONNET JAMES


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