Creating lunches can feel overwhelming, but with a few simple products you can make packing a lunch or snack time a breeze! We put together a list of our favorite tried and true products that work great for assembling your kid lunches.  The Twist Shake sippy cup (they offer a big kids cup too) has an area where you can add fresh fruit to their drinks, healthy & flavorful.  We love fun food cutters, silicone cups + Fluf lunch bags, together these make lunch & snack time fun!  Check out our list below + links to stock up on everything!


IMG_9247 IMG_9257




Twist Shake Cup (they also carry big cups) Offering  YOU 40% off their entire neon line use code: brightbolddesign40

Rice Melamine Spoons

Fun Bites Cutter

Star Shaped Silicon cups

Fluf Lunch Bag

Panda Kitten Frog Pig Sandwich Cutter 


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