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With the cold and flu season upon us…we wanted to share some of our favorite must haves to help get you through those times this season when you are sick and miserable.  We have recently  battled a 3 week cold/flu virus and each one of these things made life a bit easier.   It seems like it has been a long time since sickness got us that good.   First and foremost make sure you have a good humidifier, our favorite was a lifesaver . In fact we think every room in the house needs one for the cold dry winter months.  Helps to keep the air moist and the coughs at bay.    made all the difference in the world!  As well for adults and teenagers, a good decongestant and cough suppressant.   We used Mucinex D 12 hour tablets + ricola lemon mint cough drops &  halls fruit breezers, + some good noodle soup.    Today we are sharing our favorite cold and flu must haves….perfect for the whole family with links below + our recommendations for your littles too.  Sharing all the things that got us through our hour of need. Nobody really plans on being sick much less enjoys when it happens….but we found that being prepared with the right things to make us comfortable made all the difference.
First you need a reliable humidifier…and having one that is whisper quiet is even better, the is perfect + it looks good in your space too.  Sharing links to all of our must have medicine suggestions as well below….

crane drop humidifier is the best cold and flu must havecrane drop humidifier is the best cold and flu must havecrane drop humidifier is the best cold and flu must have

Childrens Decongestants and COLD/FLU medicines

nasal decongestant



ADULT Cold and Flu Meds

Crane Drop Humidifier 


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