bonjour baby basketsbonjour baby basketsbonjour baby basketsbonjour baby baskets

The end of the year is always a time of reflection. All the things accomplished throughout the year + the struggles endured lead to a renewal of hope and excitement of a new year and new possibilities! One of the most exciting things to look forward to is a new baby and we know so many new mamas-to-be that can’t wait to meet their little bundles!

One of the BEST parts of waiting for baby is shopping. All those mini-sized outfits and shoes and those snuggly blankets and fun little toys! However, it can get overwhelming as there are SO many options out there.

That is why we LOVE Bonjour Baby Baskets. Each basket is carefully curated with beautiful products that include designer name clothing and safe and chemical free toys!

Shop by the babies gender or pick a neutral basket and there is even a build your own basket option. Bonjour Baby Basket also donates a portion from proceeds to a charity (they pick a new charity every year).

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