Does 2018 find you gearing up for the arrival of your first little one, or simply craving a fun update for your nursery or big kid space?  With new products for kiddos hitting the market every day, it can be a bit overwhelming sifting through all those social media feeds and blogs looking for just the right thing.  We know that narrowing it down can be tough, so we’ve done the work for you. We surfed, hemmed, hawed and debated, but we managed to narrow down all that kids + baby goodness into Destination Nursery’s Top Design Trends for 2018!

1.Wood & Wicker – Natural elements are where it’s at this year for rounding out the perfect nursery. Think wicker, rattan and bamboo featured in cribs, ottomans, lighting and more! We love the warm and natural feel this trend brings to any kid’s space.

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2. Kids Rooms designed as an extension of the home….This was happening a lot in 2017  and we will see it continue in 2018.  Creating a fun sophisticated space for your baby or child that is in sync with the design/style of the rest of your home. Here is an example what we mean…..

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3.SIMPLICITY-less really is more!  Simplicity is the key…resisting the urge to over decorate!  This trend is nice especially if you don’t have a big budget!  Invest in your furniture pieces…adding in simple decor.  Or shall we say very little decor! 🙂

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4.Wallpaper or Decals on the Ceiling – although this trend seems to have been around, its definitely here to stay! This Nursery created by Babiekins Mag Editor Priscila Barros is one of our all time favorites!


 Photo Source

5. Faux Animal heads or Antlers….this trend was big in 2017 but we are still seeing it for 2018…just a simplified version of one head, or one set of antlers mixed in with some other decor.


6.Neutral Wall Colors – While these may never be totally out, we’re still seeing gorgeous neutral walls and Dusty pastel paint colors that are surely inspired by our design savvy Scandinavian friends. Coral and turquoise walls have had their moment, but in 2018, expect to see the continuation of  softer neutral paint colors, especially white.

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7. Mix and Match/Eclectic- furniture, bedding, layered rugs, you name it and it’s not matching. We’re big fans of this trend because it makes designing an on trend nursery much more affordable when you can mix-and-match new pieces with pieces that you may already have. Curated is the name of the game with this eclectic trend, so be picky about what comes in, but chances are if you like it, it will go together! Loving this Eclectic Nursery by Whitney from @carpendaughter.

Photo Source: Left // Right

8.Iron Cribs & Iron Kids Beds –  Iron cribs and kids beds became popular in 2017…expect to see it rise in 2018, this vintage modern look is darling and sophisticated.  Love the iron crib  in this calm coastal nursery from hearth and home…

 image source here


9.Plants & Planters – Anyone that has ever actually had a baby that can crawl or toddle knows that putting potted plants anywhere near a baby is a bad idea. But, think smaller here. We love the trend of small potted plants and succulents on dressers and shelves in baby’s or kid’s rooms! Not only is it super Feng Shui to have plants in the nursery, it’s just plain old good for the air.  Less can be more here too if you don’t want a big fig or tree (Think one or two small planters) and be sure to keep them in a place where little fingers can’t reach!

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Carry Over Faves – 2017 was such a great year for nursery & kids design so we wanted to highlight some of the top decor trends that we are thrilled to see sticking around for 2018!

Here are our repeat offenders:

  1. Fish Pillow Octopus pillow, Whale Pillow or any stuffed animal friend.
  2. Garlands
  3. animal heads or antlers
  4. Iron beds
  5. house shape anything especially beds.
  6. Polar Bears

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