Capturing those milestones for your littles just got easier with Baby Booth Box!  Imagine a monthly subscription coming to your door full of  ALL the props needed to make babies monthly milestone photo fun!! Plus it includes a few fun gifts for mama….GENIUS!!

Now your monthly milestone photo just got easier with BABY BOOTH BOX….comes with a new theme each month.

This month’s theme is called DESTINED FOR GREATNESS and includes a monthly milestone blanket, one unique gift for Mama (bath bombs, facemasks) + Coupon codes & Freebies from baby-centric brands.  Included for Baby:  3+ photography props,  scarves,  glasses,  and shoes,  onesie not included*

Get 25% off your monthly Baby Booth Box subscription with our exclusive  coupon code: NURSERY

ORDER NOW to receive their first months box,  Shipping March 5th…






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